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Lessons from the Land of Oz (part 1)

There's something magical about the movie The Wizard of Oz. Yes, it's a classic and there are some trivia facts about the movie that make it even more interesting, such as:

  1. The cowardly lion’s costume was made of a real lion skin.
  2. The snow in the poppy scene was made of asbestos.
  3. The Tin Man’s oil was actually chocolate syrup.
  4. The horses in the Emerald City were colored with Jell-O, which they kept trying to lick off.
  5. “Over the Rainbow” was almost cut from the film for length reasons.
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The happiness lie

While scrolling through my social media channels, I ran across a post from a gal outlining a number of circumstances that had unfolded in her young life. As the post spelled out a list of choices made and best intentions laid, she closed with an ultimatum…

As long as I’m happy, that should be all that matters to my family and my true friends.”

My heart sank as I read this statement because I know the truth…. Happiness is a lie.

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My 2018 word

For a few years now, I've spent the week between Christmas and New Year's pondering the past year that was coming to an end and planning goals and ideas for the upcoming year. Part of this thought process includes settling on a word that I want to focus on for the new year. Maybe it's a word that will keep me on target for the year. It could be a word that I want to be my "theme" for the year. This year, my word will act more like a filter.

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Wonder in the waiting

Just 30 minutes sooner and the story could have been entirely different. 

If Mary and Joseph had arrived in town sooner, they might have found a place to stay. If Joseph had knocked on that innkeeper's door just 30 minutes sooner, Mary and Joseph may have taken the last room. They may have spent their night in a warm inn, in a comfy bed, surrounded by supportive and helpful hands as Mary gave birth to Jesus. But no... the timing wasn't so. 

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Not knowing what to expect

It's Christmas and throughout the season we take time to share the Christmas story in our homes, in our church services, and through our favorite carols. There's special attention paid to each of the individuals that play a part in the birth of Christ. I particularly like to think about Mary and what that entire experience might have been like for her. 

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Needing some time for PB & J

There are many aspects I love most about my Heavenly Father. However, what I love most about Him is that He is redeeming God. His love and mercy knows no end. He doesn't get impatient with me. He doesn't throw up His hands in frustration wondering what to do with me. He never gives up on me even when I fall down over and over again... He is there every time I turn around to run back to Him. Yet I've been struggling to find time with Him.

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