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Let me explain a few things that makes reVision unique...

Here at reVision, we are all about helping you live a life of fulfillment, significance and influence in the ways God perfectly designed and created for you! We are pushing past mediocre, fearful and small living. We're looking for those who want to be encouraged, empowered and inspired to reach past their mistakes, failures and shortcomings to tap into the amazing life God's truth, grace and forgiveness affords! 

If this resonates at all with you.... keep reading!

reVision offers online tools and resources to develop you in all that you face in your real, down-to-earth, kids are cranky, hubby is working late and there's nothing to eat for dinner, kind of life! There's no "church-y" easy answers found here. Just real, practical principles based on Biblical truth. So... you'll find blogs, videos, online Bible studies, books, DVDs and more! 

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Our online shop is full of items and products aimed at helping you be the BEST you:

Faith-based studies - Straight from scripture, Christie leads you through Biblical teaching to grow you in your faith, but also in the practical and relevant needs we all have.

Paper products - From notecards to day planners, our paper products are designed to empower you to greater relationships and success! 

Apparel & gifts - We've designed a whole line of reVision-wear with some of our more note-able mantras and sayings. We also have an assortment of fabulous faith-based gifts.

CD & DVD sets - Bring some of Christie's best-loved topics and teachings home! Listen or watch anytime, anywhere. These make great gifts and are perfect for small group meetings and learning.

Workbooks & E-books - As an award-winning writer, Christie publishes fresh material that is relevant to real life and inspiring to any woman's heart.

Christie offers private, one-on-one coaching and mentoring for women who want a more hands-on and intensive approach to growth and development.

These coaching programs run anywhere from 6 to 8 months and require a time and financial commitment to complete. But amazing transformational after-effects are experienced by all women who venture on this one-of-a-kind journey. Programs are all faith-based and utilize scripture as a basis for teaching and foundation.

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